How to Write a Perfect CV

Fashion a perfect CV by downloading Monster invaluable ebook.

It gives you the following valuable information on how to write a perfect CV:

  • Identify the right personal details to include. Learn what to add and what to leave out, such as whether to include your marital status or nickname.
  • Add a personal statement. Find out what one is and how it can be used to focus a potential employer’s attention on your best attributes.
  • Know what to include in the skill section. Discover how to bring your skills to the fore and make sure you understand the difference between transferable, job-related and adaptive skills.
  • Mention former jobs. Brush up on the best ways to present former or current employment in a way that shows you in the best light.
  • Don’t forget your qualifications. Learn what to include, how to select relevant qualifications for a particular CV and why not listing everything exhaustively is crucial.
  • Tailor it to the application. Gain skills with writing a CV that is adapted to an individual employer or a particular sector of industry to get the best results.
  • Keep it up to date. Find out the best ways of keeping your CV up to date so that it is ready to go at a moment’s notice.

The ebook also gives plenty of help on how to avoid the common pitfalls found in many CVs such as poor layouts, inappropriate language or simply writing too much.
Source : Monster

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